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The Morning Report Is Born
Ron comments, “I have spent my adult life motivating salespeople to sell more, but nothing has had the impact of the Morning Report.” It all started when one of his clients, Natural Hawaiian, wanted to lower their selling cost from 18% to 10%. Having just learned how to use a computer, Ron told owner Abby Sullivan, “You just send me your salespeople’s hours and sales each day, and I’ll give you back their individual selling cost. You can look at this before each day’s business and then offer enthusiastic, positive feedback to those who are at or below 10%, and give quiet, private correction to those who aren’t. We’ll also put incentives in place for those who go below 10% and ‘show them the money’ every day. It won’t be long before you will be operating at a 10% selling cost!” Ron’s law is, “If there is something you want to impact, measure it. If you want to increase the impact, measure it more often.”

It worked so well that Ron starting adding pages to his Morning Report to track things such as sales per hour, items per transaction, average sales per customer, a Stars Page for yesterday, and a Totals Page for the month. The Morning Report grew in size and the results kept getting better and better. It worked so well that Ron started doing it for other clients, and it had impact everywhere it was put in place.

But as it is with many things, there was a catch. It was taking Ron five hours in the evening to produce 5 Morning Reports, and he couldn’t get started until stores closed at 10 or 11 PM. With an early flight to neighbor islands many mornings, something had to give.

The Morning Report Takes Off
Ron hired someone to produce the 5 reports every evening for $50 a day. He went to his five customers and said, “If you want to continue getting the Morning Report, you will need to pay $10 a day for it.” All did. Artist Wyland commented, “I can’t sweep the floor of the gallery for $10 a day, let alone motivate my people to sell like this does.”

Ron says, “Realizing that I had something that can make a big difference without me showing up, I trademarked the Morning Report and started selling it.” Today close to 450 addresses in 28 states and 2 countries wake up to their very own customized Morning Report before the rooster crows. It’s the system of choice for those who “get it”